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Could you let me know what software you use while finding the cheating of students ?

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Thanks for the video. I find it useful.


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Our university uses Turnitin predominately, but many faculty will also run material through the Google Scholar program for another review. Also in the past faculty have used EVE 2.0, but I am not sure how up-to-date and efective that program is, just not used it in a year or more.

This is interesting and i now a lot of cheating takes place in Kenyan academic institutions in the field of research- the idea of google scholar is exciting and  promising. How do you run the Google scholar? i have not used it- i will give a trial


I have been asking students to email me their papers and I just take random lines from their papers and do a simple Google search. I have caught a few students using this technique.  I also tell them ahead of time that this is what I am going to do and this intimidates them not to cheat.

We use TurnItIn; the link for uploading is embedded in our online courserooms, so if I read that paper that's "uneven" (patches of good writing interspersed with poor writing", or some phrases look too familiar, I load up the entire original paper-

I use and for some assignments, send the whole kit 'n' caboodle, so everyone's paper is checked. Othertimes I'll only send in someone's work if I suspect the writing isn't theirs or it seems familiar.


Lately, Turnitn hasn't been catching some things. A simple Google search using a few suspect phrases can often net a match.


It's sad how many students, once caught, say "I didn't mean to do it." Yeah, right, you didn't mean to copy 50% of a paper?



thanks for the information


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Yes, we've used Turnitin too, but found that it was good for about 95% of the students, the other 5% were devising ways to cheat it. Thanks.

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What's really interesting is when we use the Epson WorkForce Pro GT-S50 Document Scanner Review to filter out all the cheaters.


Works like a charm.

thanks for the video



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