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Derrida talks of a religion without religion... what is it?

In later life , Derrida, the french philosopher, seems to explore the theory of "Religion without religion" which connotes skeptic vision. Can any friend to this community clarify it, please.

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I think he's making a statement of how a person believes and follow the rules of his religion, when in fact a religion is created to seed fear and to organize a community. I read something about this topic and I almost drained my hp 60xl ink by printing these types of topic.
Drive my fear out, O Saqi
Drive my fear out, O Saqi
Your fear is enough.

Why to fear world- a fearful heaven;
why to fear others but you;
why to fear desires, instincts, death or sins;
why to fear others but you.

I remember Your Highness said:

"I make my friends alone, poor, veiled, but not disheartened;
“helpless but not fearful; poor but not unkind"

O Saqi! Make me drunk, make me fearless.
Make me not dead like others who
live, look, and like knowingly that
You never made them for.

Those who are fearless to you are
great in fear to them and their world.

O Saqi! Save me, make me drunk
Save me, O Saqi! O Savior!



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