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Faculty Talking to Faculty About Low/No Cost Textbooks

Am entering this because of today's conversation on MERLOT's Textbook Initiative. I see people in the room who may be thinking and have some thoughts to share on this topic. How can MERLOT lead the way and get faculty nationally/internationally to share their thoughts and ideas?

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Hi, Deborah

I just joined voices today, and your post caught my eye. I was unaware that Merlot has a textbook initiative. I'm excited to learn more about it. Just thought I would reply here before going off to search for more info on my own.

Becky Kinney
University of Delaware
The idea of Ebooks or affordable access to textbooks for students is one that seemingly college personnel are truly embracing. But, I have not as yet heard any solid answers. Do we go with pdf downloads or an e book reader such as Kindle or Sony's reader? This most definitely needs to start happening though since books are frequently updated and seem to be exorbitantly high for our students.


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