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I am a post graduate student with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and a certificate in Online Teaching and Learning. I have been a service provider for Oakland Unified School District, Clayton Valley High School, Contra Costa Community College and Konstanz University in Germany.


I love Merlot and have used Merlot to find and share resources for curriculum design and for presentations in school. While I am writing and looking for a job teaching College I want to stay abreast of those resources for teaching to all learning styles. It is a pleasure and a job to here with everyone. Thank-you for the opportunity to practice the art of peer review.


Rose Offner

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In a life long ago and far away, I also had an MFA in painting and printmaking, but I'm afraid I'm a complete IT geek at this point, and my more recent master's and doctorate are both in IT, specifically information security and networking architectures-  I still get a yen now and then to do some painting, perhaps being a follower of two completely disciplines satisfies both sides of the brain, eh?


Lynne Williams

Hi Lynn,

Nice to make your acquaintance thank you for saying hello. I am always intrigued by creatives who are also IT people geeks. Although the arts and technology on some level seem so contrary more and more I realize they satisfy my curiosity, intellect and creativity. I look forward to getting to know you.

Do you use any social bookmarking sites? I used to use but I am creating a new site at Digg. It would be nice to share articles on pedagogy and IT.


With gratitude,

Rose Offner


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