Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

The below attachment will provide you with science and math resources that you may find helpful in order to enhance your instruction.

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Jaime, thanks for setting up all of the discussions! They are wonderful. Jodye
Your welcome Jodye.
Jamie, I asked to join the Noyce-NSDL Teacher Leadership Team, but have not gotten you to respond yet. Was this set up for the "working group" for the NSDL project? If not, can you just reject my request? Thanks, Jodye
Attached is the template of the electronic form that needs to be completed in order to add lessons as assignments to the resources that have been cataloged in MERLOT (digital library not voices).
Materials for the capstone activity (templates)
Additional Template for capstone activity.
I've uploaded the lesson plan draft on KEEP Toolkit. Here is the link towards it:

Hopefully it works.

Thanks for a wonderful workshop.


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