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Society of Certified Adjunct Faculty Educators (SoCAFE)

To assist adjunct faculty in becoming more effective educators, The Society of Certified Adjunct Faculty Educators (SoCAFE) offers a knowledge-based certification for adjunct college and university faculty.

Through research, we have identified 10 Core Competencies adjunct faculty need to be effective educators. We have developed an online certification process that provides adjunct faculty a mechanism to demonstrate mastery of these competencies. Successful candidates will earn the designation of Certified Adjunct Faculty Educator (C.A.F.E.).

The C.A.F.E. certification is a portable and marketable credential that corroborates your teaching skills and dedication to the profession.

After checking our webwsite at, please post your comments and observations about our faculty development program here. I'd be pleased to dialog with you.

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My experience with the SoCAFE certification process has been tremendous! I've just successfully completed the third exam and have seen exceptional changes in my teaching as I apply concepts studied. My supervisors have noticed a greater student retention in my classes. This is a major problem in adult literacy. My students are more excited about their learning this year. Thank you SoCAFE!
SoCafe was an amazing program to participate in! I was interested in the certification and never expected to feel so re-invested and re-ignited about my teaching style. This program changed my perspective and expanded my teaching skills! The texts, modules and compentencies woven into the SoCafe program are evidenced-based and follow sound academic benchmarks that address current issues such as our global society, diverse student populations and accountabilty within our profession. The modules utilize Bloom's Taxonomy in a brilliant fashion. The staff was always professional and quick to respond to my needs and questions. I felt the program was cost effective and very suitable for working professionals that are committed to life long learning and continuing education. The race is on for educators to move and think outside the box. This program enriched my skills, my resume, my continuing education credits and was the determining edge for additional summer and fall employment! I would confidently recommend the SoCafe program.
Dr. Debra Christian
Plymouth, MI


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