Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

For the Fresno State Summer Institute. Participants share their materials built with the content builder. 

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Dear Solar Neighborhood Participants (Noyce Scholars/Teachers),


I just want to follow-up with you to see if you are using the Content Builder in collecting resources and for enhancing your instruction. Have you provided training at your respective sites on the use of Content Builder?


If you have a public site, please post it here so that we can see your work. There may be ideas on how your using it that other may want to incorporate into their sites.


I do not think that all the links in this discussion strand are public links. If you have a public link please post it and tag it by indicating that it is your current website so that I can remove the other replies.


Hope you are all doing well.


Jaime Arvizu


Jim Mott here.

I have made my webpage public in preparation for today's Webinar:

I would like my webpage to be both things, if possible:

1) an online professional portfolio;

2) a resource for my students and their parents;


Can we restrict access to some portions of the website by password? Or is this better done by having two separate MERLOT web page hierarchies?


Best regards,




I just started my semester of student teaching and am very excited to start organizing all of my great materials into my portfolio on Content Builder. I have recently decided to set up my page a little differently, so I have one in the works. I think it would be most useful for me to have one website for my collection of resources and one for my students (which I haven't made yet). My current public website is at I will post the one I am currently organizing when it is finished.

On 2 different occasions I have participated in training other students at CSULB in using the Content Builder. It was a good experience to show this tool to others, they all expressed that they were excited to use it. I have also been showing a lot of the teachers at my high school (Jordan High School, Long Beach) about this really cool resource.

I am excited to here that you are now training others to use the Content Builder that is great news. Are you going to NSTA next week?



I have been using my Content Builder to enhance my instruction. I haven't showed my colleagues how to use this resource, but I have showed them my website. This is the link (I don't know if it is different from my summer post)

Thanks Stefanie for posting your updated site. I like the way you built your hierarchy of websites. Great technique! You got around the limitation. I also like your autobiography and your teaching philosophy. Well done.  



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