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There are many definitions of a hero. Here are a few common ones: 

- Heroes are individuals who take risks for the benefit of others. These risks can be physical, social, or risk of resources. 

- Heroes are in the eye of the victim. If a person is helped in a way that is extraordinarily meaningful, they may consider the helper a hero. Even if the help given is a merely a simple act of kindness, it is the helped person that assigns meaning to the helper. If they consider this persona hero, so be it. 

- We are all heroes in the context of the hero's journey. Each and every one of us embark on many heroes journeys throughout our lifetimes. It can be very helpful for some people to envision themselves as the heroes of their own story. This allows them to visualize themselves as the literal writers of that story, and ultimately the architects of their destiny. This belief assists the hero by giving them courage and confidence.  

What/who do you think a hero is?

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Hi Ellie,

I love this conversation.  Generally speaking, I follow Joseph Campbell's philosophy of the hero and can readily see the heroes journey being played out in family, friends, and colleagues.  It is a part of the human psyche and fascinating to watch it unfold in myself and others.  The quintessential Odysseus story... 

Thanks for including us in your thinking!



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