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Like to hear your thoughts about how to invite faculty to adopt open textbook for COOL funding; March deadline...

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Thank you for posting your message.  Attached is the COOL4Ed grant funding information.  The due date is posted as March 13th, but we can extend to March 30th.

We are excited to assist faculty with this project and will be posting additional information to support this project later this week.

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Hello All,

One of the potential open textbook resources for the COOL4Ed RFP is the selection of etextbooks from OpenStax College / Rice University.

Nicole Finkbeiner and Danny Nicholson are providing support throughout the CSU with regards to faculty trials and the CSU library / OpenStax College initiative.

If you have any questions regarding OpenStax College etextbooks, please let them know.

BTW - the following COOL4Ed faculty showcases highlight the adoption of a few of the OpenStax College etextbooks by CA faculty.

Intro to Statistics


Concepts of Biology


College Physics



In addition, COOL4Ed has posted faculty reviews of a few of the OpenStax College textbooks.

  • Concepts of Biology
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Principles of Microeconomics

(Because the open etextbook faculty reviews are an ongoing process, many more open etextbook reviews will be posted by Dec. 2015.)

One last thing -- OpenStax College will participate in the March AL$ webinar on March 25th from 12:00 - 1:00 PM.  Click here to join the webinar.

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