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Hi, Everyone:
Attached is a copy of the Taxonomy that we worked on in today's conference call. I am also going to copy it below. We can spend the next two weeks talking back and forth on possible ways to tweak it. I think we made good progress today!
• Agricultural and Biological Engineering
• Agricultural Education & Communication
• Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics
• Animal Sciences
• Cooperative Extension
• Ecology, Environment and Natural Resources
• Entomology
• Food Science and Technology
• Horticulture
• Human and Community Resource Development
• Irrigation
• Plant Pathology
• Precision Agriculture
• Soil and Crop Sciences
• Turf/Urban/Landscape Horticulture
• Veterinary Sciences

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Paring this list down from here is going to be challenging. At first glance, consolidations do not readily present themselves. The one that seems a bit out of place to me, and I am not suggesting dropping it, is Human and Community Resource Development. Would someone like to expand on that topic?
I believe on the call today it was determined that issues such as FFA, etc. would be included here. So, the question now is, does everyone agree with these categories? Is this what we should use?
Group: I would consolidate to get down to the following main categories:

Ag & Bio Eng (include irrigation and precision agriculture as subcategories)
Ag Ed, Communications, extension, and leadership
Ag, Env & Dev economics
Animal Sciences (include Vet sci as a subcategory)
Environment, ecology, forestry, and natural resources (include soil and water sciences, entomology as subcategories)
Plant sciences (horticulture, turf, plant pathology, crop sci, agronomy, entomology as it relates to crops)
Family and community sciences (to replace human and community resource development)
Food science and human nutrition

that gets it down to 8 main categories. You could make another consolidation called "rural sociology, consumer and resource economics" (or the like) and combine #3 and #7.
I like this consolidation. Mark, for #7, did you mean, "community services"? The further consolidation of #3 and 7 would probably also be good.
I think Mark's categories are very appropriate and organize the various disciplines in a logical manner. I also agree that the list could be further consolidated by combining #3 and #7.
I like the consolidation supplied by Mark as well. The only area I see missing is aquaculture/fisheries. I'm assuming they would be sub classified under animal science. Any thoughts?
I can agree with this grouping. I do not see an advantage to consolidating #3 and #7. They are diverse enough to stand alone. I also like the idea of adding an Aquaculture category.


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