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Hi, Everyone:


On today's call we decided to use Voices to get everyone to re-introduce themselves here and tell a little about themselves.  Please do so below.


Also, please let us know all of the following categories you are comfortable reviewing:


This will help Mark when he makes the assignments for review.

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I OK reviewing Ag Education. Irrigation and GIS/Precision Ag (part of Ag & Bio Engineering?) would be fine as well.

Learn about me at:
I am a plant physiologist by training and was a member of a horticulture department in a previous life (prior to becoming a lowly administrator!). I will be happy to handle the Plant Sciences category myself.

This leaves 5-6 categories unclaimed..........
And I will do Environment & Natural Resources as well
Hello all,

I am a soil scientist with a strong background in environmental and natural resources.
I am an angricultural engineer. My expertise is in machine sytems, including precision agriculture, machinery management, and equipment safety.
Would also be willing to work with Ag/Bio Engineering
I am a horticulturist with expertise in vegetable production, international agriculture, agricultural ecology, ecosystem modeling, and farm management. I could contribute to reviewing plant sciences and environment and natural resources.
In addition to Agricultural Engineering, I could work with Agricultural Economics and/or Animal Science.
My back ground is in Animal Science
And just to show everyone what a real trooper you are, Ron, he is really the one responsible for the Ag Taskforce. Ron went through GRAPE Camp some time ago, and since we didn't have an Ag Editorial Board, I encouraged him to think about it. Ron is now VP for Enrollment and Student Services, so even though he has this responsibility, he still wants to see that Ag is successful. Way to go, Ron!!!!


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