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We are into year two of our Academy e-Learning program, sponsored by our Provost, Sandra Flake. We select teams of faculty to transform large-enrollment or multi-section courses to better engage students, improve departmental efficiencies, and hopefully save some money, too.


Laura Sederberg, Manager, Technology and Learning Program

CSU, Chico

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Hi Laura:

Was very impressed by the eAcademy program presentations at CELT! Not just the program, but the buy-in, support, and collaboration across so many levels at Chico. I can highly recommend your Academy program to others who might be interested!

Thank you, Brett. Academy e-Learning is a success because of Provost support and grass roots support, both working together collaboratively. We are looking for others interested in sharing this model at their campuses, too.

Stanislaus may be interested in this - alone or in collaboration with HyFlex. Please keep us in the loop. We have a strong faculty development program here, and expanding interest in ed technology work, so we're well-positioned to work with your mentors and develop strategies that work for our campus.
We will share with you as soon as we have our draft proposal done. Thanks a lot for the interest, Betsy.

We at CSU Fresno are also discussing your proposal and considering involvement.

Keep us in the loop as well. We're working with several departments as part of a Curricular Innovation Initiative using an NCAT trainer in January 2011. Your proposal would fit nicely with that effort.
Hi Laura,

At CSUSB, we are interested in your model. We have done some similar faculty development work. We weren't planning on implementing HiFlex, however. Might it be possible to join your effort and not use HiFlex?

Best wishes,
Jim Monaghan


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