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Modularization of developmental math courses. To more effectively and efficiently help students meet basic math competencies we plan to divide our current two developmental math courses into eight distinct single unit modules to be delivered in hybrid format. The math placement exam will be used to place students into just those modules covering their deficiencies. Moreover, modularization will allow us to require that some students repeat units as necessary without requiring that they re-take entire courses. Additional modules can be added as prerequisites for core math courses. This approach will allow us to efficiently create pathways to meet particular student needs. Cal State Northridge is seeking one or more partner institutions which have developed successful modularized development math programs so that we might adapt the program for our campus.
Hi David,

Sounds very similar to what we were thinking about in developmental math.

Might you have any time to discuss possibilities?

- Jim
Very interesting propsal - Humboldt State is potentially interested in participating in this with you! I'll put you in contact with our AVP of Academic Programs, Jena Burges.


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