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As the GE curriculum writ large incorporates more and more high-impact practices which we know have a powerful effect on student engagement, it seems reasonable to wonder about the possibility of electronic portfolios as a tool to help students collect artifacts from these experiences, organize them, reflect on them, and publish them for a variety of purposes (including institutional assessment). What do you see as the potential of such folios? What obstacles stand in the path? What might be done to promote uses of folios within and across institutions? These are broad questions, to be sure, but I'm hopeful that a general discussion can lead to many, more specific discussions.

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Eportfolios are a tool (and practice) that prepare students for the world of work, in particular for job interviews. Most of the jobs they will apply for do not exist yet, and most students will navigate multiple careers. Students will need to be their own 'agents' as Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) illustrates in his book The Start Up of You. Job interviews are more about Demonstrating your skills and capacity to fill a particular position, than talking about yourself. Eportfolio's will empower students to demonstrate their skills and pivot into different jobs and careers.


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