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Please introduce yourself here.  You can share interests, research projects, etc., so that others get to know you.  For many people, this is the only contact they have with others going through GRAPE Camp, so please do comment on their posts.

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Hi everyone my name is Naomii Brack, I am a professor at a city college in Illinois, I teach criminal justice and basic law courses. I have a PhD in Human Services with a Specialization in Criminal Justice, MS and BA in Criminal Justice Administration.  My dissertation research focused on victimization of elderly and disabled. I am presenting taking courses at University of Illinois to become a Master Online Teacher and taking certification courses through the Office of Justice Programs the Office of Victims of Crime, National Victim Assistance Academy.    

Hi, Naomii:

Welcome to GRAPE Camp.  I think everyone is fascinated by the field of Criminal Justice.  I helped form the CJ Editorial Board a few years ago, so became very familiar with some of the materials there. What type of study are you doing for your dissertation?  It's certainly a topic of interest to many people.  Also, good news about the Master ONline Teacher courses. Achieving that status will help you be very marketable.

Hi Cathy, I have completed the homework for week two and looking forward to this week.


Terrific, Naomii.  We will be having the online session in about a half hour.  I'll send out the archived recording then and you'll be able to load your review up to MERLOT.

Hi all,

I'm Lance Eaton, Coordinator of Instructional Design at North Shore Community College and part time instructor in English, History, and Interdisciplinary Studies.  I've been on a team implementing an affordable/open textbook initiative at our college and thus, came across MERLOT and decided that being a reviewer would be a great opportunity to be opposed to and contribute to the great work that faculty and educators are doing across the country.  I have several master's degrees (American Studies, Public Administration, Instructional Design) and am currently working on a PhD in Higher Education, of which I hope to focus on open educational resources in my dissertation (when I eventually get there).


Sorry it's taken me a while to get in here.  I had a little trouble navigating the page (and then got caught up grading papers, of course).  It's nice to meet you, Lance.  I'm Jennifer Duncan, Associate Professor of English at GA Perimeter College.  I've been teaching online for GPC for 5 years and was with Chattanooga State (in TN) before this. I'm excited to see a big improvement in some of the materials MERLOT is holding in my field.

Hi, Jennifer:

I'm glad you recognize some of the improvements in MERLOT.  Obviously, in looking at Workspace this morning, there were changes since the last time I was there.  :-)

You've been at two of our partner institutions:  Tennesee Bd. of Regents, and now Georgia!

Hi, Lance:

You seem to have a lot of areas of interest (Masters degrees) and now working on a Ph.D.  Terrific.  I'm sure you'll be able to contribute to MERLOT in peer reviewing and maybe even submit some materials.


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