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Please introduce yourself here. This is a way you can meet other people who are involved in GRAPE Camp during this period. Include as many details as you wish.

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Hi, Pam:

I'm happy to hear we have another Business person as a Peer Reviewer. 

I'm certain you'll find a lot of resources on MERLOT.

If you want some material to give to faculty to introduce them to MERLOT

Greetings from the Big Apple!

My name is Brenda K. Vollman, and I am an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York (CUNY), Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). I have taught a variety of courses over the years in Sociology and Criminal Justice, as well as Social Science Research Methods and Statistical Analysis. I have been teaching online for at least 5 years, and have relied heavily upon BlackBoard specifically to post materials for students.

I have utilized OER resources (and non-OER) to supplement course materials. I am currently a member of our College's OER initiative, recently trained in a semester long workshop to develop a course (Criminology) using OER materials. As a pert of that workshop I cam e across MERLOT and I am eager to be a part of the movement in general, and in my field specifically.  

CUNY was just recently awarded a grant from the Achieving the Dream Foundation to develop degrees at each of our community college campuses that are entirely textbook free. The Criminal Justice Program is the one selected for our college, in part because we are a "Justice Academy" preparing students to transition to John Jay College, the 4 year degree college for CRJ at CUNY. I am one of the co-PIs listed to organize the campus grant participation. I am looking forward to learning more about and participating in this peer review process, eventually posting some material I have developed and continuing to contribute reliable and valid material in my discipline. 

Hi, Brenda: How exciting to be involved in the Achieving the Dream project. I encourage you to add some of the materials you're using to the MERLOT collection.  It is easy to do. And then you can review them.

Cathy this is a wonderful idea! We will be gathering (and potentially developing) material for 5 courses in CRJ, not to mention materials for core degree classes like math and english. Thanks for the suggestion!!

Our resources in CJ are a little dated, but hopefully you can change that!  You might be interested in the Affordable Learning Project of CSU (

Also, I am working on a California initiative - Cool4Ed.y  It is encouraging faculty to use OER textbooks and share their stories:

Faculty e-Portofolios are what I'm working on:

Unfortunately, CJ was not one of the areas looked at, but you can get some ideas from this.

Hello everyone,

My name is Sue Newberg. I have been a nurse for 32 years and presently am completing my doctorate in Nursing Practice Leadership. I have taught undergraduate nursing for the past 8 years and enjoy using many forms of media and content to keep the students engaged. I also presently have a Masters in Science of Nursing and a MBA-HCM which is a masters in business administration for health care management. My passions are end of life and palliative care and teaching. I presently reside and work in Illinois.

Hi, Sue.  I know that Jeanne Sewell, the Editor of Health Sciences, will be happy to have you doing peer reviews. Her board is very active and I know you'll enjoy her.

Also, Jane Moore, who handles all the MERLOT Editorial Boards, has been teaching Death classes for quite awhile.  Not quite palliative care, but similar interests.


My name is Janue Johnson-Seaton. I am the Director for Hampton University Online. My research interests are online learning and the impact of technology use on student learning.

I have accessed OER resources as a student. In this new role I would like to find ways to integrate OER in the online programs.

Thank you.

Well, Janue, you've come to the right place. Hopefully you will find a lot of OERs in MERLOT that you can share with faculty.

Since you are the director, you might be interested in the following presentations, the first two for users of MERLOT and the other for how to convince faculty to use MERLOT to get resources.


I am Eduardo Montero. I am currently lecturer at the University of Burgos, Spain. My teaching activity deals with engineering thermodynamics, heat transfer and energy technology. My research profile is experimental investigation on energy fluids and renewable energy in buildings. I am also the coordinator of a innovation engineering education team on active learning, and that's the reason I am very interested in participating more actively in MERLOT, to which I belong since 2005.

I want to update my skills as MERLOT reviewer for the next future.

Bienvenides, Eduardo. I'm glad to hear you are interested in Active Learning. We have a lot of information about that active learning in MERLOT. We're happy to have you reviewing for MERLOT>


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