Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

Please introduce yourselves here. It's a great place to network and find out about others who are taking part in GRAPE Camp. Tell us something about you.

You can also ask questions here. I will reply so everyone can share in the answer.

You can also look back at previous postings from GRAPE Camp:

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I'm Amy McGlothlin, Director of Bands at Fitchburg State University.  Looking forward to getting to know everyone.


Hi, Amy:

Welcome. I was happy to talk to you during the webinar. Fascinating to have a Director of Bands with us. Can you expand on your responsibilities? Asking as a former piano and guitar player.

Hello, Cathy and the Fall 2018 group,

I am happy to join this community.  I am the Program Chair for the Master of Distance Education and E-Learning program at University of Maryland University College (UMUC).  At UMUC, we use a variety of resources that do not require students to purchase textbooks.  A library of high quality learning resources is an important contribution to today's academic programs.

Linda J. Smith

You're absolutely right, Linda. Many colleges and universities are now scrambling to encourage faculty to use open textbooks, because of the number of students who don't buy the textbooks. Many of them end up just dropping out of college so one of the answers to retention is to make the classes cheaper for students.


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