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This is the place to introduce yourself.  Tell us something about you, what your interests are, what you teach, etc.  Who knows?  You might find someone with a similar hobby.

This is a great opportunity to network with others.  You can even look at comments from previous GRAPE Camps.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Christina Cicchetti, a reference librarian at the University of California Riverside.  I specifically support the students and faculty in the Graduate School of Education with research instruction sessions and one-on-one sessions as needed.  I am also part of the Inland Library Collaboration Roundtable, which is a group of academic and school librarians who are working together with the goal of helping high school students graduate college ready.  I'm excited to be joining Merlot as a reviewer for the ICT Literacy community.

We're happy to have you, Christina. ICT Literacy is such an important field, I know you will make a contribution in this area.  Thanks for your interest in MERLOT.

Hi Everyone,

I'm Paula Jordan.  I am a full time faculty with National Louis University out of Chicago, IL.  I also work as an adjunct faculty for St. Petersburg College.  I teach economics, finance, and strategic Management.  My interests outside of work include bicycle, walking, paddle boarding, basically anything that is active. 

Hi, Paula:

Thank you for introducing yourself. Isn't online teaching amazing? Being able to teach in Chicago and Florida at the same time. I know we look forward to having you review for the Business Editorial Board.


I am Cindy Farris, Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Nursing Program, at Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW). My expertise is in Community Health and Medical Surgical.  I love teaching nursing students and watch them grasp the world of nursing.  I also enjoy watching medical shows on TV, movies, and spending time with my 11 year old grandson. I have used Merlot resources in the past.  I am exciting to be reviewing for Merlot.

We're glad to have you here, Cindy. I don't have any medical experience, but I also enjoy watching medical shows on TV.  I'm glad you're familiar with MERLOT.  I know our Health Sciences Editorial Board will be happy to have you.

Hi, all:

My name is Joni Charles.  I am an economist in the Finance and Economics Department at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.  I teach Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Environmental Economics and Managerial Economics.  My research interests are in Environmental Policy and Governance.  I love to Jazzercise and be as physically active as possible, read anthologies and my favorite magazines, listen to my favorite podcasts, and treat my self to a theater show or movie to celebrate the end or beginning of a semester. I look forward to being of service to the MERLOT community.

Hi, Joni:

We'll be happy to have you reviewing in Economics. We've been trying to increase the number of reviewers in that area, so we can't wait to put you to work.

I've never been to San Marcos, but I've heard it's a great community. Denise Smart is a former colleague of mine, as is Debbie Thorne in Marketing.  Vicki West has also been reviewing for us for awhile.

Hello everyone,

I'm Stephanie Medley-Rath, an assistant professor of sociology at Indiana University Kokomo. I teach everything it seems. Mostly, I teach introductory sociology, theory, methods, social problems, deviance, criminology, juvenile delinquency, and related topics. In the past, I have also taught gender, marriage and family, and race and ethnicity. I've taught face-to-face and online. I have also conducted research and given presentations on open education resources.

With all of those courses, Stephanie, I know the Sociology Editorial Board will be happy to have you reviewing. BTW, I went to IU Bloomington for my MBA. I loved the campus. Haven't been to Kokomo, though.

I am Gary Will a criminal justice instructor at Southwestern Oregon Community College.  I retired after 38 years in law enforcement, 26 as a chief of police to go into education.  I just completed my first term instructing and am looking for new things for the classroom which is what led me to Merlot.  Thank you for the materials that you provide and the opportunity to review criminal justice materials.

Gary, we're happy to have an experienced person like you doing criminal justice reviews. Your background is great.


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