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This is the place to introduce yourself.  Tell us something about you, what your interests are, what you teach, etc.  Who knows?  You might find someone with a similar hobby.

This is a great opportunity to network with others.  You can even look at comments from previous GRAPE Camps.

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I am Stan Svojanovsky, faculty at Chemistry Dpt. at Missouri Western State University, Saint Joseph, MO. I teach Biochemistry and intro chemistry F2F and online GOB courses. I am here for GRAPE Camp training , also looking around for the materials that I could use in my courses as well. 

Welcome, Stan. Thanks for being such an active participant in GRAPE Camp. As soon as you finish up, I can introduce you to the Editor of Chemistry!

Greetings all!

I am the OER Coordinator, Chair of the Honors Program, and Biology Faculty at Butte Community College. I have taught nearly all the courses in Biology and have developed the only three online biology courses at the College. As the OER coordinator, I will be developing a course where we introduce the faculty to available resources and Merlot will play a major role in that course. I am excited to be more involved with Merlot and contribute in even a small way!

Hi, Suzanne:

It sounds as if you have a lot of responsibilities. Developing a new course should be fun. I know we have a lot of resources in MERLOT which you can use. And if you find others, you can add them to MERLOT, too. I'm sure the Biology Editorial Board will welcome your contributions as a peer reviewer.


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