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Please introduce yourself here and share information about you. This is a great way to network and learn about other participants.

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Hi all!

I'm excited to get started with GRAPE Camp! I work at UCLA Library as the liaison for Computer Science, Food Studies, Psychology, and Statistics. I work closely with a team of learner-designers who develop online tutorials and workshops related to research, reading, and writing challenges. I'm excited to learn more about design, open educational materials, and the MERLOT peer review process at GRAPE camp.



Great, Doug. We're happy to hear that. It sounds as if you have a lot of expertise in a variety of disciplines as well as instructional technology. I hope you find MERLOT a helpful resource with your work with faculty.

Hi am willing to learn a lot in this GRAPE Camp. I am a professor in applied mathematics using data analysis in different areas. I hope to find useful resources with MERLOT, and eventually become a MERLOT peer reviewer in my areas of interest. 



Hello, Humberto:

We have a lot of resources in Math as well as Statistics. Our Math Editorial Board has been functioning for quite a while and I'm sure they will welcome your participation once you finish GRAPE Camp.


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