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Please introduce yourself here. You can share more about what you teach, what your research interests are, and even your interests outside of academia. We want to build a community of Peer Reviewers to enable you to interact.

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Dear Cathy,

I see we have to email you a couple of times during the training. I am not sure what your email is. I tried to send you a message on your profile page. Did you receive it? I have completed the review (assignment module 2) and I am ready to upload the report. This is the email I have: Thank you

You will have to go to our practice site, WStage and join MERLOT again. Just provide as little information as possible, as this is the only time you will be on this site.

Go to:

Let me know when you have done so and I will create your Workspace.

Hello! My name is Chloe Williams. I am in my second semester of the MA TESOL program at Binghamton University. I'm from Orange County, NY, and have been attending BU since 2013. I have not had any formal ESL teaching experience, but I am currently observing college ESL classes and can't wait to teach my own class someday. I enjoy learning languages and learning about different cultures. 

Welcome, Chloe. As you explore MERLOT, you'll discover that there are a lot of ESL resources available that you can use in future teaching. If you ever have any questions, just let me know.

Hi everyone! My name is Mengting Lin, and my English name is Cecilia. This is my second semester in the MA TESOL program. I came to Binghamton Univerisity right after I graduated from college in China, so I didn’t have too much teaching experience. My related experience is to work as an intern in a public middle school in China. I worked in 8th grade and helped to teach and grade 50 + students. In addition, I worked as a teaching assistant in an online English education institute related to TEFOL preparation. After the two “working” experiences, I realized I had to equip myself with more professional knowledge of teaching. That’s why I came here. Nice to see you all!

Hi, Mengting or Cecilia:

Welcome to the US as well as MERLOT. We're happy to have the Binghamton students working with MERLOT. I think you'll learn a lot and will benefit from seeing all of the resources available in MERLOT.

Hi, Mengting/Cecilia:

I think you made a wise decision in obtaining more information about teaching. We have a lot of resources in MERLOT to help you in that area, too.

Ahoy all,

I'm a pirate and OER enthusiast who works as an Instructional Designer and Instructor at Texas Woman's University. Yes, piracy and OERs are the absolute perfect fit.

Literally, I have a PhD in pirates, pedagogy, and children's literature. This means I'm an advocate for equity, accessibility, and social justice in education. One way I do this is with the concentrated use of OERs in all educational situations, including community programming.

My opinion: OERs don't just stop with content. I evaluate and use Open Access edtech, too. It's usually the perfect complement to content OERs.

I'm here to continue to unearth treasure. Help increase access to quality materials not only by contributing to them, but also by partnering with others.

I want to know more about my co-conspirators, including all of you. Contact me if you simply want to swap ideas! I've offered to run a free test of the open resource EdTech Perusall with another OER group. Because...why not? I'm happy to invite all of you, too.

Blue skies,



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