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Please introduce yourself here so you can network with each other.

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Hi, Stephanie

Those programs sound very interesting. We have a very robust health sciences programs at the University of Arizona as well as a highly ranked school of business. I've had the pleasure to work with colleagues in both areas and find that I always learn something new!

Maybe you could help recruit some reviewers in both of those areas, Gretchen...Health Sciences and Business.  :-)

Greetings, fellow campers!

My name is Gretchen Gibbs. I am a Professor of Practice at the University of Arizona. This is a non-tenured position/title. I work in a unit that offers a graduate certificate in college teaching, as well as resources and support for instructors. Our unit also assists academic program review for accreditation and provides centralized support for academic technologies, such as the learning management system and multimedia. Combining all these in one unit, helps our institution keep its eyes on the prize of student learning.

Prior to a professional commitment to better understanding the impact of the internet on teaching, learning, and faculty development, I taught art history in the School of Fine Arts.

I've been a member of MERLOT for several years. It is a resource that I use and refer to often. I wanted to be more involved so as to deepen my understanding and to give back to an effort that has given me so much.

What an interesting position, Gretchen.  I think that is needed at all institutions.  Do you by any chance know Angela Gunter?  She's at Arizona and works in Faculty Development.  She has been involved in MERLOT for quite some time.

Dear all, 

My name is Wolf Georg Tews and I graduaded 2010 with a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy, Economics and Sociology from University of Konstanz (Germany) and started my career with a job-integrated Master of Arts in General Management at Steinbeis University in the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) as a Study Manager for the Siemens CorporateMBA. I finished my studies in 2012 and contiued working in the quality and curriculum management department managing courses as MBA and MA programs.  

Since 2012 I was responsible for developing our Moodle LMS "SIBE ecampus" from a technical but aswell faculty perspective. Since May 2015 I work for the two our Online Programs LL.M. and M.A./MBA as an Instructional Designer. I am responsible to develop the content with our instructors to fit to the online environement and create in collaboration with my colleagues a user friedly learning experience. I develop Online Instructor Trainings to train our faculty to meet our requirements for online learning experices and to make them comfortable with online learning. 

In my freetime I spend time with my family, train people in Quan Dao Kung Fu and enjoy running, cycling and hiking in the swabian mountains. 

I´m exited to meet all of you in GRAPE Camp and thanks Cathy for the invitation. 

Kind Regards 

Wolf Georg Tews

Greetings, Wolf. It sounds as if you have a lot of experience with online teaching and learning.  Your expertise will be welcome with our Faculty Development Editorial Board.  What is the difference between Quan Dao and regular Kung Fu?

Dear Cathy,

thanks for your quick reply - Quan Dao Kung Fu is one of the thousand forms of kung fu which are out there with a major focus on power through relaxation of your body, animal forms and finally joy of movement in totally different ways.
Thanks for your suggestion, as a matter of fact my daily job is teaching others how to teach online - so I would be glad if I could support you there.

Kind Regards

 Hello to everyone doing the Grape camp,

 I’m a little late joining as I have been very busy marking re-sit essays for my students. I have just worked through the first couple of sessions and found it fascinating so far; I’m looking forward to the rest of the sessions. I have used some the Merlot resources in the past and always found them very useful as teaching aids.

I am a second-year PHD student (part time), and I’m looking how blended learning methods can be used to support student learning at university level.  I also work as a demonstrator and academic advisor for students at the University of Liverpool in the UK.

I would like to gain some experience as a Peer reviewer in this field and having benefitted in the past from some of the material available on the site,   I would also like to have a go at creating some materials to share myself.

I hope all have a great day.


Well, Caroline, I think we have found a great new reviewer: familiarity with MERLOT, still studying for a PH.D., using some materials in the past.  Don't worry about being late. With classes starting up, everyone is very busy. Just glad you're here now.  We're happy to have someone from the UK, also, as MERLOT is available world-wide.

If you have any questions, just let me know.


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