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Please introduce yourself here and tell us about yourself. This helps us network with each other.

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Like me.  :-) Communication is found in the English Editorial Board.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Crystal Peirce.  I teach in the biology department at Harper College.  I have been using materials from MERLOT for several years now, so I am excited to get the opportunity to peer review them.  I find this to be such a great resource, but I am continually surprised by how many of my colleagues do not know about it or have never spent the time searching for materials.  It's so much easier to use then trying to find high quality learning objects on your own!

So true, Crystal. I've been advocating for MERLOT for the past 18 years. I'm still surprised when I travel places and people have never heard of MERLOT. So please, do try to spread the word.

I am always available to do webinars to demonstrate MERLOT to faculty. I've done it all over the US and even in other countries. It's so easy today with web conferencing sites. We can use Zoom or any other vendor that the campus may have. Sometimes it helps to get people on campus (like you) to go through Faculty Development or teaching centers and we can actually present together. I can cover MERLOT in general and you can talk about how you use MERLOT in Biology classes.  I'm always happy to spread the word.


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