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Use this discussion forum to introduce yourself to other participants. Don't forget, we have people attending the live sessions, working asynchronously, and doing the self-study.

Tell us about your career, what you teach, where you're located, and any other fun facts. You may find out you have a lot in common with some of the others.

Don't forget to check back to see what people say.

Also, you can pose any questions here, as they are answered immediately and they can be shared with the others.

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I didn't attend the live session because I am in a different time zone (Australia). My name is Vicki Dunk I am an associate lecturer in bioscience (mainly physiology). I mainly teach diploma and first year students. I am in the process of moving one of my subjects from blended learning to fully online.

Hi, Vicki:

We certainly understand about the time zone difference. I'm sure our Biology Editorial Board will welcome you in a few weeks. I'm sure you'll find some helpful resources in MERLOT to help you move online. A lot of people are coping with that right now, so you're in plenty of company.

Warmest greetings to all:

I teach courses in sociology at San José State University (California, USA) involving social theory and global issues since 2001. My research area centers on international social movements, particularly those addressing migrant rights. I have long-time interest in developing open educational resources that allow for deeper and engaged learning. I am excited to learn more how to use Merlot and expand the quality of open educational resources.

I am taking this orientation asynchronously.  

Hi, Peter:

Thank you for the introduction. I think all the materials you commented on were ones I had added to MERLOT, as they all get forwarded to the submitter (if requested).

We had our conference a number of years ago in San Jose, which is a beautiful community. I've heard that all CSU campuses are going totally online this fall. Are you affected?

We have an active Sociology board so I know they will welcome you.

Hello Cathy and camp participants,

Yes, CSU campuses are mostly online, using synchronous and asynchronous approaches. Very few classes will still be in person. I think courses in my field will mostly be online. So it is a good experience for me to be a GRAPE camp student presently. 

all to best, Peter 

Wonderful. I hope you've found some materials in MERLOT that you can use.

Copying this from my email:

Dear Facilitator,


I’d like to introduce myself as a participator in this camp.

My name is Teguh Prasetio, from Jakarta – Indonesia.


I am a faculty member of Universitas Pembangunan Jaya (Pembangunan Jaya University) in Department of Management, Humanity and Business Faculty.


I hope I am able to improve and enhance my skill by joining this camp.


Warm Regard,


Welcome, Teguh. We are happy to have someone from the other side of the world. Also, seeing as you are in the business discipline, you will be working with me, so I'm very excited.

Hi, I'm Jamie Murphy, I am an Associate Professor at the State University of New York, Delhi, in the School of Nursing. I teach remotely in online RN to BSN and Masters in Nursing Education programs. I look forward to becoming a peer reviewer at MERLOT.

Hi, Jamie:

Welcome. We have a number of people from the SUNY system who are participating as Peer Reviewers for MERLOT.

We also have a large number of materials in nursing, so you should find some that you can use in your classes.

I attempted to read some materials to make comments but I was unable to view it, it required payment to view the course. Here is the link to the course in MERLOT:

I thought all MERLOT materials/courses had a Creative Commons license. Is it common to offer resources that are not free?


Also, I was surprised to see resources as links to the CDC or the ANA (nursing org). I've also found broken links. Why would someone upload a website link, I thought materials were resources that were created. I don't see the value in rating the CDC website. Thinking I should bypass websites for rating/commenting. Jamie 


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