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AS we worked through the practice peer review of the fraud triangle, I was wondering why we did not include the ancillary material found linked on the page of the animation itself.




Good question, Elizabeth.

Remember that I mentioned that you should explore any links also? You're one of the few people who have mentioned this ancillary material. Of course, you should explore that as it is part of the site and should be mentioned in the description of the material.

HI Cathy,

I was thinking specifically about the practice one that the group did together.  There were materials under that TEDed talk, but the group did not include them in the discussion of that peer evaluation.

On the Sexual Harassment practice peer review, I added those comments in the last "Other Comments" section.  Is that the most appropriate area?



Good morning!

When we are calculating the numeric average for each section, do we factor in the N/A sections?  Doing so would unfairly lower scores in the ease of use category in particular (if the material is not an app).

Hello All, 

Joining the conversation a bit late, as I am taking thus session "offline".  I am an industrial / organizational psychologist by degree and teach primarily classes in the organization behavior, statistics & testing and human resources arenas.  I love teaching online and in-person!


Karen Robinson

Hi, Karen:

Welcome. We have a lot of materials in the HR area so I hope you'll find them of help. Also, you will be reviewing for the Business Editorial Board, so, as Editor, I look forward to your help there.

We're always happy to welcome someone who loves teaching, so happy to have you on board. (Sorry was just watching Below Deck!)


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