Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

Please introduce yourselves here. It's a great place to network and find out about others who are taking part in GRAPE Camp. Tell us something about you.

You can also ask questions here. I will reply so everyone can share in the answer.

You can also look back at previous postings from GRAPE Camp:

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My name is Nancyruth and I am currently in Grape Camp!  I have used many of the resources found at MERLOT II in my courses.   Just yesterday, I had two students post a discussion thread in my online courseroom about a resource I found at MERLOT II.  I had shared this resource with the class.  They said it was a fantastic resource and had never understood the theory application until they did the tutorial.  I thought I would share this, as it seems to be a good example of the value of MERLOT II and other open educational resources! 


We're always glad to hear that kind of good feedback, Nancyruth. Why don't you share it in the discussion on that resource? It's always good to hear student comments. It affirms for you that you made a good choice and it affirms for MERLOT that we have good, high quality resources.

Greetings all...

Gary Ackerman introducing himself-- I currently work as a Flexible Pathways Coordinator for a high school in Vermont in addition to supporting faculty in several consulting roles. In addition, I am an adjunct faculty member for several colleges.

At several points in my career, I have used Merlot resources as well as materials form other OER sites. I have also recently completed my second book, which I am making available through a Creative Commons license.

-- Gary

Welcome, Gary. You're doing GRAPE Camp as a Self-Study as are many folks this month. We start the live session tomorrow, so you'll probably see more entries soon,

Congratulations on the book. I hope you'll consider adding it to MERLOT with the Creative Commons license.


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