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Hi there,

I'm Cathi and I love the name of MERLOT because I live on a vineyard in the beautiful Okanagan valley of British Columbia (Canada) and ... we grow merlot grapes!! 

I'm also a lecturer at the University of British Columbia's Kelowna campus. I'm a bit of an odd academic to label. I have my PhD in Curriculum Theory and Implementation from a Faculty of Education (SFU) but my research has focused on composition and foundational writing in post-secondary institutions. I've taught pretty much every kind of writing offered at universities and colleges: composition, rhetoric, technical communication, and professional communication. 

I also haven't really belonged to any specific department. I started my career teaching in a Faculty of Education and have since taught in Management, Communication, English, and now I'm a faculty member in the School of Engineering (since 2008).

I'm also an author. I've co-written the textbook Writing Today (Canadian edition, Pearson) and we are currently going through the pain that is copy editing. I also write creative works and have published both young adult novels and a biography.

My current research interests include Engineering Education, Professional Communication, and University Writing (pedagogy and curriculum development).

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Hi, Cathi and I love that name! You do sound like you are multi-talented. We leave it up to attendees to decide in which area they want to review. Selfishly, I'd say management, as I'm the Editor of Business. However, your experience seems mostly in the English area. Then we also have Faculty Development. 

As you complete your assignment for the first week (adding comments to different resources), try looking at each discipline: English (rhetoric), engineering, faculty development.


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