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Hi guys, I hear there are a few joining Merlot Grape Camp from around the world.  I'm one of them.  I'm here from the UK, and am excited to get started.  

I've actually only just joined the teaching profession, having the previous decade and a half worked in the energy industry.  I was due a change, so decided to go 'back to school' and took on an Economics Degree before training as a teacher.  I now teach (as a Lecturer of Mathematics - sounds grander than it is) vocational students in a technical college.  No doubt like many of you, as a new teacher I am hungry for teaching resources, so at one time or another I am neck deep in a few books/applications/website, and get to try these out on my students, to varying degrees of success.

I still revisit my alma mater to lead a session of mathematics for nurses on an annual basis, which I intend on doing for many years yet.

Speak to you all soon.


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Hi, John:

Welcome to teaching and to MERLOT. Like you, I worked in industry for awhile and then decided to go back for another degree and teach at the post-secondary level. I know our Math Editorial Board will really welcome you. You'll find a wealth of materials in Math, if you browse the MERLOT site. Here's a start for you.

I've set it up so the best rated materials come first. And the second on the list, Larry Green's site, is great because Larry is the Editor of Math.  Enjoy exploring the sites.


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