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Greetings Summit Community.   I'm also on Dillard University's Curriculum Committee.  Currently we have a few new courses being proposed in STEM.  I'm reaching out to those program coordinators hoping to intrigue them with OER and to get them thinking about using OER from the very start of a new course.

1. Has anyone had a similar situation and found that the OER component of a new course proposal has made a difference?

2. Am I off base to think that adding an OER component to a newly proposed course might affect how a UCC supports the new course? 


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Hi Rona, ai am glad you are reaching out. Are your faculty developing the courses trained to discover the many resources available to them. This could be an excellent first step so that they understand the process and be able to discover resources they can use. I will be glad to share ideas and give a workshop if you need me to. Get them to be MERLOT member and review the material available within their disciplines. Identify some early adopters to start with one or two course sections.

Thanks for the quick response.  I will see these two gentlemen in a few minutes.  We will definitely ask for your guidance and expertise.   I wrote them, verbatim, this. 

Dr. Agwaramgbo and Dr. Frempong, we'd love to speak with you about considering open educational resources, free for our students, to utilize in your newly proposed courses in your areas.  I'm on the UCC and when I was reading your proposals and I heard from both Dr. Page and Ms. Charles that you two were interested in OER, I thought what a great opportunity it would be to start using OER from the beginning of a new course.
I'm on the HBCU Steering Committee for Affordable Learning Solutions and have access to a plethora of resources and support persons from other HBCUs as well as Merlot.  
Please let me know.  Ms. Charles and Dr. Carey-Palmer and I are heading up this special investigation on OER options for DU.
Please consider joining MERLOT and MERLOT Voices and our HBCU Summit Community.  We can seek guidance from Dr. Moustapha Diack from Southern, who is a leader in OER for HBCUs.


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