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Heroism Resources

These resources are provided as a guide to help you delve deeper and learn more about HIP strategies, as well as to provide an overview of the research on evil and an introduction to the body of work on heroism, that guides our goals and curriculum.

HIP Information

HIP Brochure

HIP Context for Potential Project Organizers

Overview of HIP Education

HIP Education Impact Report: 2014

HIP Pilot Results and Data

HIP: A Preliminary Investigation Into the Sicilian School Setting

Scholarly Articles

Heroism: A Conceptual Analysis and Differentiation Between Heroic Action and Altruism

  • Scholarly article discussing taxonomy of heroism and toward a theory on heroism

The Banality of Heroism

  • 4,000 word essay exploring the past research on evil and the relation to research regarding heroism and heroic behavior


Lucifer Effect: Chapter 16

  • Chapter from Dr. Zimbardo's 2008 book The Lucifer Effect discussing heroism

Chapter 11: Reflections on the Stanford Prison Experiment: Genesis, Transformations, Consequences

  • 35 page chapter reflecting on the Stanford Prison Experiment written by Dr. Zimbardo; Dr. Craig Haney, a TA for the experiment and current Professor of Psychology and expert on prisons at the University of California, Santa Cruz; and Dr. Christina Maslach, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at University of California, Berkeley, former Psychology Graduate student at Stanford University, Heroic whistleblower for the experiment and married to Dr. Zimbardo for more than 40 years.



  • HIP YouTube page with video resources

Selected Media

The National Psychologist: Zimbardo Promotes Heroism Around the World

  • Overview of Dr. Zimbardo’s work on heroism and the accomplishments of the Heroic Imagination Project. 


More Resources 

  • Stanford Prison Experiment website.

  • Official web site of The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil (Random House, 2007).

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