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My name is José Rodríguez Alvira. I'm part of the Music Editorial Board since 2006. In that year my web site received the MERLOT Classic Award in Music and I was invited to be part of the music editorial board.

I teach at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico since 1983. I began teaching classical guitar and since the 90's I began teaching music theory and technology (Finale, SIbelius) classes. Lately I mainly teach theory and technology classes and take care of our computer lab and CMS (Moodle) administrator.

My second job is as web master of I have been working on this music theory related web site since 1997. We have numerous interactive music theory and ear training exercises available online as well as tutorials, reference and music related articles. The exercises use Adobe Flash but since Apple decided not to use Flash we have been creating HTML5 / Javascript versions of the exercises. We are little by little moving from Flash to HMTL5 although I still believe Flash is a great tool.

In the last years our exercises are being used by many universities and schools in the states and in other countries. Teachers are able to supervise their students and they receive weekly reports of their students activities.

I studied at our Conservatory and in France at L'Ecole Normale and at Aubervilliers Conservatory. I'm glad that the music Editorial Board is once again alive and I'm looking forward to be working with you all!

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We're very happy to have you back with us, Jose.  You've done a great job on peer reviews in the past and so happy you will continue!


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