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We will post resources here related to our work and share comments and discussions about these.

2015 February Update

Report from the Jan 30, 2015 meeting of the CSU MTEP Measures Working Group

Pre-Readings for Jan 30, 2015 meeting. Everyone should make sure to be familiar with 1 and 2. Triads of participants will be asked to read one of the remaining four articles and offer a short summary at the meeting.  No formal preparation is necessary.

  1. Guiding Principles for Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation Programs, MTE-P (2014)
  2. The Mathematical Education of Teachers II (Ch 5-6), CBMS (2012)
  3. Measuring Graduate and Program Quality, Martin & Garcia (2013)
  4. The Three Faces of Performance Improvement, Solberg, Mosser, & McDonald (1997)
  5. Teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge, Cognitive Activation in the Classroom, and Student Progress, Baumert, et. al. (2009) [need to access full-text through library database]
  6. Knowledge for Teaching Secondary School Mathematics: What Counts? Goos (2013)

  7. Principles to Actions: Executive Summary (NCTM, 2014)
  8. Beginning Teachers' Perspectives on Attributes for Teaching Secondary Mathematics, Wasserman & Ham (2013)


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