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I would like to pose the question: What are teachers primary concerns in a science or math classroom in terms of classroom (or behavior) management? What are some suggestions for the Science and Math Education Center in terms of how we can help.
After being in the Early Field Experience program last semester, I observed a math teacher who did not command classroom respect and resorted to "talking over" the students while she was teaching!

I learned you must know the students names--first respect them, then they'll respect you. Also, don't go on with the lesson until everyone is quiet and paying attention. Maybe threaten a pop quiz if they aren't quiet. But, I believe if a teacher starts his/her classroom at the beginning of the year with strict "no talking while I'm teaching" rules, and relating that he/she understands the student's desire to converse with friends, but to remember that what they learn in school helps their future no matter where they go and that as a teacher you are there to teach them, not to hear yourself talk. I believe that is the most helpful.

How do you feel about negative threats, like "pop quiz" to induce quiet? Should it be avoided whenever possible? If so, what other suggestions do you have beyond the "I'm here for your benefit, not mine" lecture.

Hello Kaitlyn,

I do agree that a teacher must set the tone and discuss the rules of her/his classroom starting the very first day. You may want to reword the "no talking while I'm teaching" to "no talking while I am talking. Ask them to raise their hands if they have a question or comment, and explain to them the importance of listening when someone else is talking. Also, what I have found helpful in cutting down on the visiting is keeping the students engaged at all times. I personally do not agree with negative threats...they rarely ever work. Stick with positive rewards for good behavior. Remember that kids need constant reminders of what it means to show respect.
I do not use the pop quiz threat, but I do have the student talk to me after class. Also,I will walk to the student and whisper in the student's ear and state if you cannot stop talking then I have to assign lunch time detention. Students do not like to have their lunch time spent in detention.


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