Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

This discussion is intended to initiate the engagement of the March 14th Noyce Scholars Workshop in a MERLOT Voices discussion. From the Workshop and activities, you may have discovered a great tool or strategy to use in your teaching. You may have also experienced a few challenges. MERLOT Voices can share with the Noyce Community your successes and challenges, so others may share your discoveries and/or may be able to help you solve a problem.

Please take a moment to share with the group:
1) the best thing you took away from the workshop, and
2) what is your greatest challenge regarding your experience with the workshop?

Ron Hughes

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Hi Chris,
Many of us have dipped into the technology well since the 1970's. Back then we were amazed with PacMan and Pong. Clearly two thing are developing around our activities: First, we are building our knowledge and skill in educational technology, and second, we an learning how to share (through the Merlot Noyce Community) this knowledge and skills within our community and beyond. Great to have you on board!
All activities will be useful! The one I think the students will really enjoy are the virtual similation of the fruit fly lab. This activity will introduce more than biology skills, it will allow students to get familiar with the on-line purchasing symbols! I also found the e-portfolio to be extremely useful. I will definitely upload lessons and activities on to this site.

For the similation labs...will I have students always log in as a guest?? I logged on as a teacher first, but was not familiar with the set-up. It would be nice to have an intro to behind the scenes in the future.

Most troubling: technology... I had issues with my microphone, but thanks to those who replied to my chat comments!
1.) The best thing i took away from this workshop is the different resources out there for teachers, and different tools that can be used to create lesson plans and the activities for students.
2.) The biggest challenge for me was to follow keep listening to the activity, and keep up with the different webpages.
I'm trying to learn to slow my fingers down. I need to remember that the webpages load up slowly on participant's computers. Always ask questions.
Ron Hughes
I'm trying to add the Drosophila mini lesson but I haven't been able to add the pictures, or the data. Any help is appreciated.I'm using a Mac, just in case its important.
Noe Garcia

I am not a Mac user, but I'm sure there is some way to do a "screen grab" on a Mac and then insert the image into a Word file. Are there any Mac users out there who can offer specific advice?

Best part of the workshop was seeing the science courseware (drosphilia lab) in action and the possibility of using it with my science classes. I wish I had it sooner when I was doing the genetics unit last semester - my students would have LOVED it. I will definitely be using the ideas from merlot in the future. My biggest challenge is having the time to incorporate all these new ideas and try them out.

This is an excellent use of Voices. This kind of discussion is very revealing and informative in helping us provide the best assistance we can to our Scholars.



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