Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

This discussion is for the participants from the WRNC pre-session regarding the development of their own content builder and web site.  This is where we will all post links to our own sites so that Michelle and I may evaluate each site so that the participants may receive their stipends.  This is also where the participants will evaluate each others sites and give positive, constructive feed back on them.

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Hey all!! Here's my unfinished webpage. Still working on putting in some more content, but would love comments!! Thanks!!


Great website!  Love the colors.  Pictures would be awesome too!



I like your use of colors as well! And your inclusion of Informal Education is nice to see. Teacher's don't seem to talk about their experiences with Informal Education enough! :)


Pictures would be great with the informal education part! Like of you teaching at the zoo. :)


I also like your inclusion of Facebook and Twitter!
 This is the link to join us on Elluminate Live! for the webinar

Great job!  Very impressive=]
good incorporation of pictures!! :)

Here is my content builder if anyone wants to comment on it for points

love the photo montage on your homepage!! how'd you do that??

I'm so sorry it's taken so long for me to reply.  I actually use PowerPoint.  I insert the pictures onto a blank slide and edit them with the tools at the top, then select all, group, and then save as an image.  You can even put text in with it.  Then you can just insert that image into your Title portion of a box.

Catherine - you're doing a great job on your site! Could you please publish it so others could benefit?

Thanks ,Davida


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