Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

This discussion is for the participants from the WRNC pre-session regarding the development of their own content builder and web site.  This is where we will all post links to our own sites so that Michelle and I may evaluate each site so that the participants may receive their stipends.  This is also where the participants will evaluate each others sites and give positive, constructive feed back on them.

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way to describe all of your links.. i'm working on it but it takes lots of time and work... great job!

Kyle, it does indeed take a lot of work, and Michelle has done a great job.


Could you publish your website so we can see your progress? I bet it's coming along nicely :)



Yes, here it is!! :)


I think I'm almost done... haven't started working on the student website yet, but set up the pages that I will do once I get into a classroom....



Does anybody know how to upload a google calendar into a webpage besides just including the link? I can't seem to get it to embed correctly... Thanks!

Yay!! I've finished uploading everything that I can find right now and am submitting my website as complete. I hope you enjoy it!! It's been great to do and I can't wait to get my student website together.


Here's my email address as well ;






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