Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

1. Untamed Science

This is a great educational site for teachers and students. It provides information and lesson plans on biodiversity and biology. Lesson plans can be contributed by members of the site so essentially anyone can contribute to the site. It also includes videos and interactive simulations. Some of the videos even show you how to set up classroom aquariums. The site is powered by scientists, educators, and filmmakers that share a passion for science. You can also email them and ask them about current projects that they are working on.

2. The Naked Scientist

The Naked Scientist is an awesome site for teachers, students, and anyone that has burning science questions. They actually radio broadcast and podcast so you can hear the physicians and researchers talk about information on archaeology, astronomy, oceans, engineering, or even science scrapbooking! Also provided are steps for science experiments. Their "Kitchen Science" is set up so that the experiments can be done in the house, usually with materials found in the house. The creators do interviews with scientists from all over and answer the public's science questions. Check it out!


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These are excellent sites Jacqueline


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