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Creating Your Own SkillsCommons Voices Community

Building the community of people who will participation and support the project and facilitating communications so the members of the community know what to do is CRITICAL for a successful project.

SkillsCommons VOICES is a FREE online community platform that you can use to help you achieve your project's goals.    

You can cut/paste the content in this Voices website into your own HIP Voices community.

WHAT CAN YOU DO?   Have the members of your industry community become members of your SkillsCommons Voices (it's FREE and EASY) so you can:

  • Easily send emails to all the members of your community
  • Provide them easy to use discussion forums to share their TAACCCT activities and interests
  • Enable your members to post documents, images, videos, and other media that captures their TAACCCT efforts


  1. BECOME a MERLOT Voices member yourself.   It will take about 24 hours to get approved (to avoid people getting spammed).
  2. ADD/CREATE a "Community Conversation", with the title and description of your TAACCCT Community Project.   It will take about 24 hours to get approved (to avoid people getting spammed).
  3. INVITE your TAACCCT  community members to join your SkillsCommons Voices "Community Conversation" and contribute as desired.

 The project leader can be the SkillsCommons Voices Webmaster or can assign another member of their community to be the webmaster – so that the online community platform can be used to help the leaders and members fulfill their responsibilities and achieve their goals.

Voices_Getting Started_Primer.pdf  can help you learn more about using MERLOT Voices and use it for your project.

DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT: Voices_GettingStarted_Primer.pdf


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