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Hi, Everyone:

On today's call we discussed what the reactions are to everything on the spreadsheets.  We discussed adding several new categories:  Social Problems, Self and Society, and Social Structures and Groups (to replace Foundations).


Therefore, our categories would be the following:

  • General
  • Perspectives - Theoretical
  • Methodology
  • Deviance/Social Control
  • Institutions
  • Inequalities
  • Self & Society
  • Social Change
  • Social Problems
  • Social Structures & Groups
  • Population and Urbanization
  • Global

How does that sound to everyone?  Does it cover the topics adequately?  Please share your thoughts.

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This looks good in terms of the categories. I might re-order the items
Perspectives -- Theoretical
Social Structure & Groups
Self & Society
Deviance/Social Control
Social Problems
Population and Urbanization
Social Change
Actually when the categories are added to MERLOT, they are normally alphabetized, so that people can find them more easily.
I would like to add science and technology, war, terrorism, and mass media.
Because we were trying to limit the number of categories and I was looking for info on
Science and Technology I would look under Social Change, Social Problems and/or Institutions; for War and Terrorism, I would look under Social Problems, Deviance/Social Control, Institutions/Political and/or Global. For Mass Media, I would look for it under Institutions.
I missed the meeting last week and was not aware the topics I suggested were brought up. Thank you for letting me know where the suggested topics can be found.
It also might be useful to have a "teaching" category. For example, those interested in using multimedia in their classes could plug into my JOLT piece from there (please excuse the shameless plug):
Michael-great megasite.


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