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Getting a job is one of the most crucial aspects of a student’s life. Consequently, it comes with its own set of pressures, the biggest of them being writing the perfect resume. A resume is a piece of document that talks about the basic details that a job recruiter would look for at the prime stage. These include educational qualifications, past work experience, extracurricular activities and achievements, and any other significant details that reflect about your abilities and suitability.

Job recruiters hunt through thousands of resumes each day which makes it even more important to have a resume that leaves a mark on the recruiter’s mind and sets you apart from the crowd. This can make resume writing an overwhelming and tough task. Several things need to be kept in mind while writing a resume:

  • It should be crisp and concise
  • Only the relevant and value adding information must be added
  • Grammar should be perfect
  • The presentation should make it easier to read
  • Make sure you highlight the major achievements and talking points
  • Format should look professional

The above tips can help you crack the perfect resume and leave a long lasting impression on your recruiter. However, in the age of internet, there are always some better and handier options available to ease your worries. There are several online service websites that offer resume writing services at minimal cost but maximum efficiency. These services specialize in resume writing and ensure your resume is up to the mark. Here we compile for you a list of our top 5 picks for resume writing services!

This student centric website provides all round facilities that include essay writing, subject wise assistance, editing services and dissertation services. Their resume writing services come with a 100% guarantee of privacy and security of details. They provide 24X7 services to students from around the world. They also provide cover letter writing services along with editors and mentors as well!

This website is another handy stop for college and university students. They provide resume writing and cover letter writing services as well as assist you in refining the already existing resume material that you have. Their experts are based in Australia and thus possess an edge over knowledge about Australian recruiters. This makes them extremely helpful for students who are especially looking for jobs in Australia.

“If you are just starting out in the working world and you are looking for an entry level position then we have the expertise to transform your academic experience, your hobbies and your volunteer work into a fully fledged CV that will rely on emphasizing your skills and your strengths instead of the experience that you do not have to flaunt.” This proclamation on their website is actually backed up by customer reviews and experiences. Feel free to give their services a good try!

Their professional resume writers, ability to provide high quality products, on time delivery and strict policy against plagiarism are some of their biggest USPs. They come at an affordable cost as well, to ensure its student based customer base can use their services freely. They also maintain confidentiality of your information and provide cross feedback services.

Last but not the least, essaywriter4u is another student friendly website that provides writing services of all kinds. Be it assignments, essays, dissertation, academic paper or resume, they have got all of their fronts covered. From customer reviews, it becomes evident that their services are of a high quality and are known to be delivered in the quickest possible time. The website speaks for itself, its expert base is wide providing multiple perspectives into their final product. For students, it is not just helpful for acing the most impressive resume but also to do their assignments and papers as well.

This was a list of our top 5 picks for resume writing services that can be found online. Needless to say, there are several other options that are available online but it is extremely important to stay cautious before submitting your personal and professional details to any non- verified or unauthentic website. Be sure to always look for customer reviews if you find hard to judge their credibility on your own. In any case, the above 5 tools are tried and tested by our team so be sure to not being disappointed!

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