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8 Best Tools to Proofread Your Online Course

There's nothing that will crush your credibility faster than an online course riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Get rid of any trace of written errors throughout your online course by proofreading them using these great online tools. For accuracy in your writing, these are some of the best resources for cleaning up your online courses and keeping the mistakes far away.

1. World News Proof Reading

Some people are stronger visual learners, and would prefer hearing and seeing an instructional video, rather than reading the steps. The proofreading resource from World News offers up a library of instructional videos, filled with tips on language, grammar and proofreading.

2. Byword 2

Simple editing on all of your Apple devices, this effective tools allows you to write, edit, sync, export and publish, all in one single platform. Publish your work directly to a number of popular blogging sites, saving you time and the frustration of formatting for different sites.

3. UK Writings

When presenting your online course, ensure that you're putting your best foot forward and creating the best, most lasting impression possible. This is easily done with the help of professional proofreading from UK Writings. Real people, who are also experts in the same area, will read your content and make all of the necessary corrections.

4. WordCounter

Quickly check your written work with this free online checker. It'll instantly assess your work, and highlight any changes it suggests you make. Hovering over the suggestions will bring up an explanation of what changes should be made, giving you different options for correctly spelled words and proper grammar.

5. Assignment Help

For a library chock-full of helpful resources, check out this online grammar lab. Providing you with a number of in-depth articles on all areas of the writing process, you'll find information on any aspect of writing you need to help you put together cohesive, well written content.

6. OX Essays

You want your content to sound its best, be incredibly written and totally error free. To achieve this, turn to OX Essays' proofreading service, where you'll find a well staffed team of professionals ready to help with your writing.

7. Upwork

Find the best candidate for the job, at a price you name, through the freelance job site Upwork. Qualified proofreaders can submit their proposals to you, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect person that matches exactly the qualifications you're looking for.

8. Slick Write

A powerful tool for proofreading, Slick Write makes checking for mistakes fast and easy. No matter what type of written content you're checking, this resource can help boost your writing from good to great, taking it to the next level.

9. Big Assignments

Ensure that your content is impeccable and free of any mistakes by using a credible and professional proofreading service. BigAssignments's team of pros guarantee your privacy and security, and certify that your content will only be proofread by PhD and Master's degree holders.

10. Wordy

There's nothing better than a real, live person checking your work. A person can almost always catch errors that automated proofreaders can easily miss, due to context and other issues. Wordy enlists real people to edit and proofread your work in real time. They'll match you with an editor within 5 minutes, and within 20 minutes, you'll have your project corrected and back in your hands.

Don't risk the reputation of your online course by allowing mistakes to be published. Keep your credibility intact, and make your written content the absolute best it can be, simply by using these online tools that you've got at your disposal.

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