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Announcing the COIL Institute for Globally Networked Learning in the Humanities

The Center for Collaborative Online International Learning

We Are Pleased to Announce a Call for Participation in the COIL Institute for Globally Networked Learning in the Humanities

Globally networked learning is not a technology, but is a new approach to teaching and learning which provides faculty and students the ability to communicate and collaborate directly and immediately with peers internationally through the use of online communication tools. Our Institute is open to scholars with no experience teaching online, but it would not be appropriate for the truly technophobic.

The COIL approach to globally networked learning is to link a class at an American university with one at a university abroad. The classes may be totally online or offered in a blended format with face-to-face sessions taking place at both schools, while collaborative work between the groups takes place online. The courses are team-taught, with faculty members working with peers at their partner institutions. Our method promotes interactive shared coursework, emphasizing experiential learning. We give collaborating students a chance to get to know each other and help them develop meaningful projects together. This broadens their view and understanding of the course content and builds their cross-cultural communicative capacity by engaging the perspectives of their global peers.

The COIL Center developed this two-year Institute to foster globally networked learning environments within the Humanities. We are seeking applications from institutional teams from across the U.S. that include:

  • At least one faculty member teaching courses within the following disciplinary groups:
    • Freshman Foundations: introductory courses in all humanities disciplines designed to internationalize the curriculum
    • Human Societies: Social Sciences and related disciplines
    • Media Arts & Cultures: Film and New Media Studies; Musicology; Cultural Studies; and related disciplines
    • Language & Literature: Writing Studies; Rhetoric; Language Instruction; Literature; and related disciplines
    • International Studies: History; Political Science; International and Area Studies; and related disciplines
  • An Instructional Designer or Technologist; and/or
  • An International Programs Professional

Members of the teams accepted to the Institute will be appointed as COIL Institute Fellows and will:

  • Be provided ongoing training and support to create globally networked learning environments
  • Attend one of five discipline-focused three-day workshops at the SUNY Global Center in NYC in September or October, 2011
  • Participate in an online course as well as an ongoing community of practice
  • Co-teach or actively support a globally networked course with an international partner in 2012
  • Be invited to report on their experiences at a "lessons-learned" capstone conference in NYC

Fellows residing outside of the New York City area will have their workshop and capstone conference travel and accommodation provided by the Institute.

For More Information:

  • Visit the Institute's website for the full Call for Participation and the Application Guidelines
  • Attend the 3rd COIL Conference on March 31 - April 1, 2011 - which will be attended by all Institute staff and workshop leaders and will include an information session on the Institute.
  • Contact the Institute's Coordinator at:

Application Deadline: April 29, 2011

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