Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

Note taking has made it to the next level with Evernote. This app is changing note taking for students everywhere. The organization structure is impressive. The one important aspect about note taking is organization. Evernote has done an impressive job by making the app accessible from your phone. They’ve also added other features that help you record anything and everything. Evernote is ideal over saving documents onto your laptop because it protects the documents in case your laptop crashes or gets stolen. The Evernote way is changing the way notes are being taken and it might be worth the free download.

Wolfram Alpha has created a mathematic robotic genius app. This app works miracles when it comes to answering any difficult equation. It not only will tell you how to answer the equation, it will teach you the history behind the equation. This app has helped high school math and college math students everywhere. The impact of this app will change how students everywhere do their homework.

Word Lens
Take a picture of anything with a language you don’t know, just do it. This wonderful app will then translate it into the language you do know. Word Lens is helping people all across the world who don’t want to ask for help when it comes to translating languages. Word Lens is becoming one of the top translation sources in the app world. The other best part about this app is it is instantaneous. Teachers everywhere are using this app for language games with their students and it’s actually helping them learn languages!

Blackboard Mobile Learn
Colleges across the world use Blackboard. Blackboard has developed an incredible app that helps students get their assignments and grades on their phone. If students have an assignment due, they can now know from their mobile phone. Users can also register for their classes, communicate with their teachers and chat with fellow classmates from this incredible app.

Today in History
We can’t forget history class. It’s so easy to forget about history when you live in a world that is far more technologically advanced than it has ever been. This app teaches us something new about history every single day. Although there’s no wow factory in the technology that it uses, it definitely is one of the best history apps on the market. We can’t forget about history!

Author BIO: Audrey Bedoya is 29-year-old web developer and freelance writer at android incent installs service. She is friendly and kind.

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