Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

Reflection on Ch. 5 of Teach Like A Champion

After reading this chapter and watching clip #13, I began to think about how important tight transitions really are in the classroom. So much time can be wasted going form one thing to the next, and the teacher that goes out of his/her way to make sure these transitions are are tight and seamless will create a very efficient and effective learning environment for their students. 

This topic never really resonated with me until I had the opportunity to start my observations for EDSS 300c. The two teachers that I have thus far observed have been very effective at creating tight transitions in their classroom. They have been able to accomplish this by speaking clearly, directing, and firmly. These two teachers have really taken on the role of pack leader in the classroom and it shows how well it works and how well they have been able to save time and increase learning by tightening their transitions.

I have even been able to have direct experience with this in the classroom I work in at LB Poly. The students I work with are not used to being efficient with their time and it has been a challenge to help them improve, but improve they have. With the use of firm, concise language and tone, I have been able to metaphorically "whip these kids into shape". They still have a little way to go, but they are improving everyday.

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