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Roulette is played with a wheel that contains the numbers 1 to 36 and 0 and 00(in American wheels). The roulette table is laid out on both sides of the wheel so as to accommodate more players. Each table contains the numbers laid out in rows and columns. Half the numbers are red and the other half are black, excepting 0 and 00. Croupiers man the tables accepting bets and making payouts. A wide range of bets is possible covering from a single number to a block of 18 numbers.

Each roulette table has designated minimum and maximum bets. The player should select the table that falls within his betting range. Once the player is seated at the table the attendant will convert money into chips as per the player's requirement. The player is then ready to play progressive slot online. The player places his bets with the croupier, who places the bet at the appropriate place on the table. For example bets on single numbers are placed on the number, bets on a row of three are placed alongside the row and bets on all eighteen red numbers are placed on the square marked red. Once the attendant calls for the betting to stop no more bets are taken.

The wheel is then spun in one direction and the roulette ball released in the opposite direction. The number on which the ball comes to rest and its colour are called out. The croupier pays out the chips to the players who have won and transfers the chips of the players who have lost to the bank. A fresh call is then made to place bets and the process is repeated.

House Edge
All casino games have a house edge and roulette is no different. The house edge enables the casino to cover its costs. In roulette the house edge is provided by the 0 and 00. All bets lose if the wheel rolls a 0 or 00. For European roulette, which has only 0, the house edge is 2.70% for all bets. For American roulette, which has 0 and 00, the house edge is 5.26%.

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