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Sample essays writing can help you as a model for writing essays on different topic. It is important to have knowledge about the different steps of writing an essay before you actually start writing one. Sample essay will help you in this regard.

An essay is basically a sum of some logically connected paragraphs. If you can write the paragraphs in a correct manner and if they are logically connected then you will be able to make a good essay. Though you can think of the total essay by dividing it into some small paragraphs but the main theme should never lost from your mind. It is very important to keep focus on the main theme even when you are writing a single line.

The word paragraph is derived from the Greek word "Paragraphos", the Greek ˜Para" means beside or by the side of and "graphein" means to write. Hence paragraph originally meant sign or mark written by the side of a line in a chapter or in a letter or  help to write an essay or story to indicating the commencement of a new section or the separation of a part of it from another. Though the meaning is still the same, the commencement of a new section is no longer indicated by any sign or mark; it is indicated by beginning on a new line often marked by indention. That is to say, the first line in a paragraph is now set back farther from the left hand margin that the rest of the lines in the paragraph. A paragraph as such is a distinct passage or section of a discourse or chapter of a book or a letter dealing with a particular point. It consists of a number of logically arranged sentences relating to the same theme.

A paragraph implies a sustained purpose and forbids digression and irrelevant matter. But a more satisfactory definition has been given by Wren and Martin. They have defined it as a number of sentences grouped together and relating to one topic or a group of related sentences that develop a single point. Now, from all these definitions it is evident that a paragraph must be a series of sentences connected with one another by a unity of purpose and written on a particular subject or on a part of it. Essays, letters, stories, chapters of books etc are generally broken up into paragraphs for indicating change of topic and making them lively and interesting.

This helps the readers to follow them easily and find interest in them. If an essay or chapter or letter is not broken up into paragraphs, it makes dull reading. But the division should by no means be arbitrary; it should be logical and indicative of either the change of idea or of the development of an argument.

Sample essays will obviously give you the right direction for writing a complete essay but for writing a real quality essay you will also need to work very hard. You may also need help from your professors or professional writers.

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