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Timberland shoes collections

“Shoes make an outfit”, somebody famous once said. I rather agree and, besides, add that Timberland boots make a great outfit. When I was a child I saw them for the first time on my elder brother’s feet and fell in love with them forever.

So far I’ve considered Timberland boots to be a visiting card of a good taste, beauty, coziness, charm, wealth and success. Let’s see why.

Timberland is the name to count on for durable, rugged footwear with all the traction and support you need plus all the comfort you want.

Timberland’s boots have the right thickness of soles to give maximum protection and maintain an optimum thickness that prevents overweighting the boots. In almost all footwear, the soles comprise the majority of the weight of the shoes. The feet and body exert more energy when the boots are heavy. However, boots cannot be equipped with soles that are too thin because the sharp edges of walking surfaces can be felt like the body weight and gravity exerts pressure on the walking surface.

I have done a fair amount of hiking along nature trails. I can attest to the fact that the soles of footwear are of utmost importance. If the soles are sturdy but thin, walking on pebbles and rocky terrain feels like walking on nails and tacks. The ridges at the soles help to provide grip on the ground. I think these boots will be great for hiking. However, if your fashion sense prevails over functional use, these boots can also be used for complementing the accessorized look.

Would you like to look like a cowboy of a new age? You definitely should consider such an option as top cowboy boot brands to breath a new life into your style and image. And in this regard, exactly Timberland’s are a quite admirable beginning for being stylish and brilliant.

Timberland’s boots are beautifully made. They take pride in their workmanship and proudly display their logos prominently.

Timberland’s narrative started all the way from 1918 in a small Boston, Massachusetts shoe corporation, The Abington Shoe Company, where its creator, Nathan Swartz, started his boot-making vocation as a trainee stitcher.  He incised buckskin, stitched seams, attached soles and gained knowledge of how to craft fine leather goods with his own hands.

Fila shoes

Are you in love with athletics and running along the breezy morning promenade? Fila shoes, multicolored, bright and attractive, are created just for you to combine them with your sportswear like leggings, shorts, hoodies, etc.

Started in 1911 in Italy, Fila has remained true to its Italian roots of being bold, original, passionate and stylish. With years of hands-on experience, Fila is recognized as one of the truly innovative and stylish athletic Fila shoe brands of the world. Whether you prefer technical, old school or casual looks, Fila has your style. Fila is an authentic sports brand, committed to creating and marketing products that enhance the individual’s pursuit of sports as a way to experience greater personal fulfillment. Fila has remained truthful to its Italian origins, and style, passion and creativity, the essence of being Italian, are deeply embedded in its genetic code.

Fila Dekalb Leather/Syn a comfortable fitness sneaker that offers great support and comfort. Classically designed leather upper accents the Fila flag overlay. Abrasion-resistant cup encapsulates to cushion the foot and provide a supremely comfortable foot bed. Enjoy Fila Dekalb Leather/Syn experience and feel like you're right back in the '90s with this vintage-inspired footwear collection for you, your partner, your family and your teenage cousins.

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