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I am student teaching and there is one student in the class who just questions instructions and continuously talks and disrupts the class. How do we deal with this type of students without spending too much class time?

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Hi Claudia, there are several ways to deal with this (applicable to a school and to a college/university/community college)

1. At the beginning of class, establish firm ground rules
2. Privately speak to the student
3. Document your conversation or at least key points discussed because you may need to have a track record if the student complaints
4. Don't spend class time on it, but if you have a chance, document patterns of behavior from this student before having a discussion
Discuss the situation with your faculty coordinator. Bring your notes.

Remember, you are student teaching, therefore, you are the one being make sure that have some evidence on hand
Jot down notes when you get a chance on how you handle the situation up to this point

I hope this helps

I am sure that you are a supportive teacher who wants students to learn...there is always someone who wants to test the teacher...especially a student teacher

Don't give up!

Sometimes it helps to talk to a student like this outside of class. Keep them at the end or catch them before class. Often they are trying to get attention--any kind will do, so talking outside class and making behavioral suggestions will work. You may have heard people joking about not smiling until October; well the reason for this comes from the truth that we can always nice after having been extra strict, but you cannot go the other way. Good luck with your student teaching.


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