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This discussion forum has been created for the Mathematics & Content Builder Webinar in which participants will find and share materials and resources.


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Jim Mott here.

I have made my webpage public in preparation for today's Webinar:

I would like my webpage to be both things, if possible:

1) an online professional portfolio;

2) a resource for my students and their parents;


Can we restrict access to some portions of the website by password? Or is this better done by having two separate MERLOT web page hierarchies?


Best regards,




Feb. 16th PowerPoint


Here is Michelle's site. Her philosophy of teaching will be uploaded soon :) 


Here is my portfolio link. The Resources page has the links to some of the resources like Khan Academy and HippoCampus that I discussed. 


My Portfolio

Please let us know:


1. For what topics/standards/grade level(s) would you like recommendations for online resources?

2. Would you like some resources for reviewing for CAHSEE or CSTs? If CST - what course?

3. What kind of add-ons (e.g. videos, wikis, counts, etc) would you like to add to your site?


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