Putting Educational Innovations into Practice.

Each Heroic Imagination Project requires a leader or leadership team to plan and manage the implementation of the HIP program to achieve to desired goals.

This section projects some basic tools to help a leader or leadership team plan their HIP project.

Project Leaders have many responsibilities including:

  • Building the community of people who will participation and support the project,
  • Facilitate communications so the members of the community know what to do,
  • Organizing and reporting on status, issues, and outcomes of the project so people know how well the project is proceeding.  

The attached WORD document you can download below provides the Project Leader a template to plan and communicate the goals, activities, and management strategies for the HIP Project. 

WHAT CAN YOU DO?   Download and complete the attached Project Planning Template. You can

  • CUSTOMIZE the document to meet the needs of your project and use the template to help you design and manage a successful project.
  • SHARE your project plans with your HIP Leadership colleagues
  • ASK FOR HELP from your HIP Leadership colleagues

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